Rivers have given birth to some of the most beautiful cities and stories on the planet – creating energy, prosperity and community not possible anywhere else.


Our future is on the river of ideas.

What does this say about HUDSON?


Humans often need a little help to reach their potential. Very rarely are world changing ideas made real in isolation, rather they are born where people are free to work and dream together in new ways. This manifests in all manner of creations that exist to enhance every aspect of the human experience. This is beauty.


There is a certain strength and vitality required to fulfill human potential. Energy is activated when people are influencing each other inside a community of belonging and respect, producing new ways of thinking and doing that would not otherwise exist. This is most possible when people place themselves on the river of ideas.

Our River

Today’s river of ideas and creativity is moving faster than ever. If we are not positioned on its shores or immersed in its waters, we will miss information, connections and opportunities crucial to success. HUDSON exists to be your place on the river.

HUDSON is a familiar yet dynamic workspace.


HUDSON gives talented people a platform for their livelihood, providing a unique and professional environment that allows for routine as well as creative work rhythms. HUDSON has the technology, tools and workspace you need.


HUDSON furthers the intangible flow of relationships and creativity leading to success. The flow of people and projects keep the work environment fresh and alive. You define your boundaries at HUDSON.

Our members are creative, disciplined and inclusive.

At HUDSON, imagination and hard work are the norm. Our members represent a broad spectrum of professionals from the independent entrepreneur to the corporate executive. We’re committed to being a place where members get work done and collaborate on their own terms.


+ Loft open plan
+ Collaborative
+ Work benching
+ Casual seating
+ Work stations
+ Solo offices
+ Partner offices

Meeting Rooms

+ Conference rooms
+ Board rooms
+ Event space
+ Catering services

Spirited Cafe

+ Coffee and tea
+ Espresso
+ Deli-style sandwiches
+ Soups and salads
+ Craft beer and wine
+ Cocktails
+ Appetizers

A source of energy and community.

Our Guests

Everyone is welcome at HUDSON. Guests enjoying the cafe, using meeting rooms and attending events find it a source of vitality and connectedness.


HUDSON is the ideal location for a variety of activities ranging from business meetings to memorable seminars to social gatherings. With flexible gallery and gathering space, catering by our talented culinary team and an ideal downtown Third Ward location, HUDSON is an excellent choice for events.

A Vital Place.

We believe our place on the river will continue to be the birthplace of some of our city’s most beautiful stories and businesses.

Our Place

HUDSON is at the confluence of creativity and connectedness allowing members to work and build relationships on the banks of Milwaukee’s most stimulating neighborhood.

We Believe

Each person walking through our door has great potential to change the way our world works for the better, and each member deserves vital resources and relationships needed to prosper. We are proud to share and celebrate their opportunities, challenges and successes along the way.

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