•   Jazz at Noon Starting Wednesday October 24, Hudson Business + Lounge in partnership with ModGen will carry on the rich tradition of Jazz at Noon started by famed jazz saxophonist, Les Lieber. Led by professional Milwau

  • Hosted at the Hudson Business Lounge in the Third Ward on October 16, at 5pm, WarHorse Quarterly is a premier Milwaukee networking event.

  • An offsite meeting at Hudson can be just the thing your team needs to boost morale and have a productive day of learning and bonding.

  • Productivity Month turns January into an action-packed month full of speakers, networking, lunch & learns, happy hours, one-on-one expert sessions and more….

  • At Hudson, we have been fine-tuning the experience of co-working since 2012 and we’ve got it down. But check it out, even if you work here every day, there may be new ideas and value to add to your work experience.