HUDSON Events | Jazz at Noon

HUDSON Events | Jazz at Noon


Jazz at Noon

Starting Wednesday October 24, Hudson Business + Lounge in partnership with ModGen will carry on the rich tradition of Jazz at Noon started by famed jazz saxophonist, Les Lieber. Led by professional Milwaukee-based jazz guitarist, Don Linke, Hudson will be home to a weekly Wednesday lunch hour jazz show from 12-1pm.

The Jazz at Noon tradition was started in 60s era New York City by Lieber in order for non-professional jazz players to perform on stage. These talented musicians, who all chose non-musical career paths, had a chance to play to audiences up to 300 attendees every week in a rotating Manhattan venue. These weekly performances continued until 2017, when Lieber died at age 106 after 47 years of Jazz at Noon.

Now, Don Linke alongside Hudson Business + Lounge and ModGen is bringing this tradition to Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. Linke has been playing music professionally for over 30 years and has shared his gift as an educator at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Jazz Guitar Program.

Expanding his roster, each Wednesday Don and friends will bring the neighborhood a midday jazz break to accompany lunch or coffee in the Hudson cafe. The rotating cast of jazz musicians will bring their own take on some classic and contemporary jazz pieces to be enjoyed by guests and neighbors. This event is FREE and open to the public, and we encourage all to take a midday break to enjoy spirited live music right in the Historic Third Ward.

For more information or to see a calendar of upcoming performances, please visit or

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