Hudson Events | Warhorse Quarterly

Hudson Events | Warhorse Quarterly

Hosted at the Hudson Business Lounge in the Third Ward, WarHorse Quarterly is a premier Milwaukee networking event.

WarHorse Quarterly is not a sales event or job fair. Leave your resumes and products to sell at home. Networking is extremely important in the business world and WarHorse Quarterly and the Hudson Business Lounge is a great venue for people for people who believe in the power of growing and cultivating a professional network. Building a diverse and active network will be vitally important to you in a job search or if you are seeking to expand your network for business.


New at the October 16 event, Warhorse Quarterly will feature a Coaches Corner, comprised of Business Coaches (B2B), Executive Coaches, Personal Coaches, Franchise Consultants, there to help YOU in your business, professional or personal life.

Meet the Presenters


WarHorse Quarterly is presented by Mark Boeder and George Blomgren.

Mark is a Personal & Candidate Branding Ace, Interview & Career Coach and an Executive Search & Recruitment. Currently a Sr. Recruiter at JellTech, Mark helps professionals who are involved in active or passive job searches or other career pivots that better represents themselves online, integrating and aligning their online profiles with other documentation to reframe or rebrand themselves with an eye toward leveraging their talent, expertise and skills in the next organization. Mark above all is a Connector whose passion is to bring people together.


George is a Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Leader who helps employers define, refine and leverage their culture and employment brand to attract and retain talent. He is a Sr. Talent Acquisition Leader at Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. Prior to that, George was part of the leadership team at the country’s fastest growing network of local job boards, including George is a nationally syndicated podcaster and blogger and a popular speaker on talent acquisition, social media and technology.

Networking is the key to success to any small business as it builds presence, self-awareness and showcases your skills. Expanding your network expands your opportunities, chance of having business partners and trust within your local community. The WarHorse Quarterly Event at Hudson Business Lounge is your perfect opportunity to network, showcase your skills to other professionals and gain the advice you need.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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