HUDSON Hustle | Coworking Etiquette

HUDSON Hustle | Coworking Etiquette

New to co-working or curious about how it works?

At Hudson, we have been fine-tuning the experience of co-working since 2012 and we’ve got it down. But check it out, even if you work here every day, there may be new ideas and value to add to your work experience.

1. The silent language of headphones

We want being involved with Hudson to mean something. A big part of that is the community we foster and the people in it. Ideally, Hudson members and staff will develop an organic, friendly relationship that eventually leads to a legitimate friendship. We have members that spend time with each other outside of these four walls and we love that! However, if you’re just not that into making friends that’s fine too, it can still be incredibly beneficial to start a conversation and get to know your co-workers. You never know when a friendly hello will lead to your next customer, job, or yoga buddy.

Unsure if it’s the right time to approach a fellow co-worker? Here are some tips:

  • Say hello while getting coffee or water refilled. Water coolers have long been a place to bolster camaraderie and Hudson’s water cooler is just the same!
  • Consider the silent language of headphones:
    • Two headphones in = please do not bother me right now
    • One headphone in = I’m working, but can be interrupted if needed
    • No headphones = feel free to approach me

2. It’s not a library, but it’s not a concert hall either

For the record, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a conversation in the gallery space. There’s no need to duck outside or into a phone booth if you need to touch base with someone voice-to-voice! We work to create an environment where our members can feel comfortable enough to take a call without thinking they will disrupt everyone else. Of course, there is the other side of the coin too, if you’re having a private, loud or extended conversation there’s no harm in chatting behind closed doors. Our phone booths are first come, first serve and limited to 30 minutes, ideally. If you need a more private space or for a longer amount of time, just check in with the concierge and we’ll book a small office for you.

3. Community over Competition

We can’t say it enough, the greatest value to your membership at Hudson can be the contacts you make here. Hudson’s membership includes 100’s of professionals just like you: working remotely, hustling each day, and loving every minute. At Hudson we host member events to encourage you to meet each other and connect, but if you have an idea for an event, or are interested in hosting one yourself, let us know – Hudson’s greatest strength is to be your platform!

4. Change it up

Hudson isn’t a traditional office. All of our space is communal, unique and varied. If you’re struggling with productivity, we encourage you to try a new work space. Take your computer out on the patio. Try a solo office for some focused, quiet grind-time. Sit next to the fireplace or at the bar… move around and you might find a new go-to spot or make a new friend!

We thank you for being a part of the Hudson community!

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