HUDSON Hustle | Take Your Team Offsite

HUDSON Hustle | Take Your Team Offsite

An offsite meeting at Hudson can be just the thing your team needs to boost morale and have a productive day of learning and bonding.


The Benefits of Taking Your Team Offsite

When you’re in your office, the pull of responsibilities, deadlines, and demands don’t leave room to allow a disconnect. There’s no space to focus on new ideas, brainstorm solutions for current issues and plan for the future. Add that to the difficulty of delivering one message several times to different people, you’re going to end up spending more time explaining the same thing over and over again than if you gathered everyone in one location.

That’s when an offsite meeting at HUDSON may serve as a perfect solution for you and your team. There are several more reasons to go offsite, and if you’re still not convinced you could use a day out of the office, read on.

Offsite space allows your meeting to be an occasion, to show your employees and coworkers, this is special, and this is important. You’ll find people paying closer attention, taking more time to prepare and engaging at a higher level than they may back at the office.

Offsite meetings can boost morale — allowing your employees to exist in the same space breaks down literal and figurative barriers. It can reinforce a feeling of camaraderie and a renewed sense of purpose. Sometimes, it’s hard to feel a part of a bigger picture when your team is divided in separate cubicles. Break away from the four walls for a day and allow your team to coexist.

Fresh food and beverages are always a hit. At HUDSON, we offer a full breakfast or lunch catering menu, along with a full-service bar with cocktail menus for evening meetings. You don’t need a seven-course meal for your employees to feel special and taken care of. Some delicious, fresh & healthy food from Chef Jenny’s kitchen will make sure that everyone is feeling satisfied and can concentrate on the task at hand. On the other hand, it’s always nice to end the meeting with a nightcap.

Leave the details up to us so you can focus on the agenda. Need special equipment for a presentation? We’ve got it. Want to be able to leave the site and leave your things? We’ll lock the door. Want a coffee or beverage station? It will be waiting for you. You need it, we’ll do our best to provide it and make sure your offsite goes off without a hitch.

Ultimately, planning a successful offsite meeting is stressful enough without worrying about all the little details that can make or break it. Leave it to us. With dedicated concierge service and a professional staff working to make your meeting special and successful, all you have to do is bring your game face!

For more information on offsite meetings or conferences, visit our Meetings + Events page.


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