Hudson Hustle | We’re Bananas!

Hudson Hustle | We’re Bananas!

We’re bananas about our members!

A productive workspace isn’t just about comfortable chairs and fast WIFI. It’s in the details and as we celebrate Productivity Month in January, Hudson is hosting a number of speakers and workshops, access to updated headshots and a little fun in between… and you’ll see a new offer on the member coffee station: bananas!

In order to power through the rest of winter, you’ll need all available tools on your side. Magnesium in bananas converts brain-hindering ammonia to restore focus and concentration, the B6 helps improve cognitive function and a banana holds the perfect amount of glucose to help maintain brain power. Basically, bananas are incredible brain food! Pair healthy snacking with flexible work space and a passionate support staff and you’ll have a productive day being a member at Hudson.

Enjoy a banana with your morning brew, as an afternoon snack or a quick grab on your way out. Here’s to a productive and healthy 2019!

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