Angela Campion


Angela relies on HUDSON to operate her business, Campion Law LLC and to relate to other entrepreneurs and professionals.

Phil Gerbyshak

Small Business Owner

HUDSON was the perfect solution for Phil when he left the corporate world to share his social genius with the world.

Steve Riege

Leadership Consultant

Steve taps into the energy of the HUDSON to re-invigorate his creativity and provide an exceptional meeting space for his clients.

Tessa Jahnke

Account Executive

Tessa’s team has capitalized on HUDSON’s flexible work space and team membership plans to operate business.

Tom Bastian

Executive Recruiter

Tom Bastian found the camaraderie and collaboration he was missing as a small business owner at HUDSON.

Tom Schmidt

Project Manager

After a noble attempt at working from home, Tom decided it was time to get out of the house and work among other human beings.