Angela Campion

As an attorney, educator, entrepreneur, avid volunteer and mother, Angela relies on HUDSON to operate her business, Campion Law LLC and to relate to other entrepreneurs and professionals. Hear how meeting clients at the HUDSON has been an asset to her both personally and professionally.

As an Attorney, why HUDSON?

I had worked from my home, and rented space further west of town but still was needing to meet people and clients downtown. So it fit that need and was practical without super high rent that I’d have to pay if I were finding my own space and outfitting it with all the technology I would need.

How do your clients benefit from HUDSON?

To have a professional environment where you can be open with the services you can provide and clients feel comfortable sharing with you some of the really important decision that they’re needing to make in their business, life span, or personal.

How Does HUDSON provide camaraderie?

I didn’t factor into my business plan five years ago the water cooler effect, that it’s kind of lonely when you’re running your own gig. So on a personal level, it’s nice to have a place to come where I know there’s other business owners and it’s motivating to see other people doing what they do. But it’s also nice to have someone say hello to you.

Who should join HUDSON?

Particularly for new businesses, small business owners or for people with businesses that are outside of downtown that would like a presence here. Also, just to have that vibe of being with other entrepreneurs, being with other people who are energized and creative, and mindful about the fact that they’re running a business. But also mindful about the image they’re portraying, the service they’re providing, and the value they provide clients because they’re not worried about high overhead.