Steve Riege

Steve helps business leaders sleep through the night as the President of Ovation Leadership. Steve taps into the energy of the HUDSON to re-invigorate his creativity and provide an exceptional meeting space for his clients. Learn more about this energy and how Steve has leveraged HUDSON’s network to benefit not only his business but his clients’ as well.

As a consultant, why HUDSON?

HUDSON is a really unique environment. Not only do I enjoy it here, but because the environment, to tell the truth, changes every day and every month. I think back a year or two, it was different than it is today and it will be different in another year. So I really enjoy that. People want to be part of this energy that is here and it’s very unique. I’m not sure if you’d find it anywhere else, certainly not in southeast Wisconsin.

How does the energy of HUDSON inspire you?

I work one on one with most of my clients, so sometimes it can be a pretty deep conversation or a pretty intense conversation, and sometimes I need an escape to a different kind of energy. I spend most of my time out in the public area at the coffee and wine bar because I love the energy that’s out there. It kind of awakens me from the one on one kind of energy that I’ve been using.

How have you benefited from the HUDSON network?

The people that I have met, I have really benefited from. Not just the energy that they share but the ideas they share. The exploring that they’re willing to do with me on my business. And I think I find that I probably also do that sharing back with them. Even just this morning I was meeting with a client who is in a career search and he asked a question about “how do recruiters find someone like me?” And as I’m looking out the window of the conference room that I’m in, I see a friend of mine who is a member, who is a recruiter, and I texted him and said “would you join us in this room and answer a couple questions?” Well, they’re now having a great morning together and they made this great connection, this great hook-up, that they wouldn’t had made if we all hadn’t been here where the environment encourages that.