Phil Gerbyshak

A dynamite professional whose work schedule is anything but routine, HUDSON was the perfect solution for Phil when he left the corporate world to share his social genius with the world. Learn how HUDSON’s staff and amenities make his job and busy travel schedule as a speaker, author and social media coach go ‘round.

As a small business owner, why HUDSON?

Five years ago I left corporate and thought I could work from home. So the first year I tried working from home, it was very difficult, very isolated, and very alone. The second year, I started working from coffee shops which was okay but it’s really hard to meet people there because there’s a lot of cross talk, a lot of noise, a lot of interruptions, loudness, can’t control blowers, there’s no privacy at all, you can’t do any presentations at coffee shops, and you feel kind of silly even saying “let’s meet at this place or that place.” So I joined HUDSON right away, member number one, and love this place.

How can you leverage the HUDSON network?

Because there’s other people here that you might not know or do what they do, you bump into them and say, “oh you’re an attorney and you’re a graphic designer.”  “Well look at that, I need an attorney, I need a graphic designer.” As a small business person, I don’t want to keep someone on retainer but the fact that I can bump into someone and get that taken care of, is of huge benefit for my business. I love it and love to recommend it.

Why does HUDSON work for small businesses?

Those business class amenities are great. I love the fact that you can make copies. If I need to I can get a file cabinet and a post office box. Physical delivery of mail is a great reason, and if people are looking often more local, it gives you a place – with Google Places, with Foursquare – different places you can actually use to make yourself look like a larger business.