Retaining Talent Has Never Been More Important

Retaining Talent Has Never Been More Important

How Autonomy Can Help Talent Retention in 2019  

In today’s business world, retaining talent has become challenging obstacle for companies and their HR departments.

“Talent Retention is a major concern for companies in 2019. The young millennial workforce has no problem changing jobs very quickly if they don’t believe it is the right fit, and HR professionals are having to deal with this issue,” said Scott Lorenz, Director of Development at the Hudson. “Recruiting and training talent is expensive both monetarily and time-wise. By offering these flexible options, companies may save big on not having to re-recruit and re-train for the same position as much”

Autonomy is the power to shape your work environment in ways that allow you to perform at your best. To be clear, it is not working without supervision. There’s still a net that has to be met every day or week, and employees just can’t do whatever, whenever they want. In fact, in an autonomous organization, what gets done is the major thing that matters, and not so much how it’s done. Here are 3 ways how you can implement aspects of autonomy to your business, maintain efficiency and retain talent.


“Companies have to adjust their offerings to find a way for this talent to stay at their company. One solution is to offer a flexible downtown workspace. This simple offering of access even once a week could be the difference between an employee leaving or staying on for the long term,” said Lorenz.

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Many employees of today will tell you that they often feel tethered to their desks or offices. This can have a profound effect on efficiency, and it’s unnecessary thanks to the technology we have available to us, like laptops and cell phones. These things allow us to not be restricted to just working in the same boring old office, and a little thing like change of scenery can boost an employee’s efficiency and morale. Offering flexible, location friendly areas for work spaces allow a diverse setting and collaboration for your employees.

How It’s Done

One of the most important things to do when establishing and maintaining autonomy is to make goals clear and realistic. As mentioned before, this isn’t work without supervision, as you have to make sure employees are meeting those goals. Briefings, checking in and giving feedback are all very important parts of the supervision aspect. Feedback encourages people to complete tasks in a timely fashion. Lastly, offer them support and guidance by giving them the resources and training they need. People like to support those who support them.


The traditional 9-5 work day is no longer necessary. Allowing employees to work at times where they are most productive not only ensures a healthy work-life balance for them, but max efficiency for the business. Scheduling will still depend on roles and revolve around meetings and deadlines, but giving employees that choice is great for morale and efficiency. Project management apps and time-clock apps allow flexible work locations and schedules to be possible. Cloud-based software and file sharing has changed the market space. Instilling trust and freedom in your employees by establishing an autonomous workplace will go a long way in retaining them and making your business a great place to work.

Hudson’s flexible and affordable work options allow you to focus on your employees, and core business strategies, rather than consuming time worrying about all the logistics behind a commercial office. No office setup, no long-term lease, no furnishing… all of these operations are handled by Hudson.

Our Corporate Memberships start for as little as $400 per month! It is a great way to own a part of downtown without the big commitment!

Scott Lorenz, Director of Development at Hudson Business + Lounge

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