Who’s Managing Who? The Story of Hudson’s Staff

Who’s Managing Who? The Story of Hudson’s Staff

We have a small staff at Hudson. In fact, only 10 people (management included!) run the cafe, co-working space and meeting rooms every single day. With such a small staff, it’s integral that they are some of the most hardworking, accommodating and flexible people in the industry. Sometimes, solid employees are hard to find. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to find them at all, they came to us.

40% of our staff have worked with each other off and on, in different capacities and in multiple locations for over 20 years! Jennifer Hoschild, our chef, came to Hudson in January of 2014. At the time she was the manager at Waterfront Deli. Dan Walsh, one of our owners, was a fan of her work and often frequented the deli for lunch. When out making a delivery for the Deli for a client in the Third Ward, Jenny ran into Dan and he offered her a position in our kitchen. She was the first of the four to join our team.

Meanwhile, our bartender Bill was managing Waterfront Deli’s sister restaurant, Eagan’s On Water. Eagan’s was quite the hotspot at the time, and was known for its extravagant Sunday Seafood Brunch and wall of liquor.  Bill and Jenny both helped open Eagan’s in fall ‘93, and it was soon clear to see that Eagan’s cultivated talented hospitality workers.

Jenny worked with our Bar Manager, David, our bartender Bill, and cafe superstar, Carrie, at Waterfront Deli and Eagan’s at different times in the years prior. Each has their own unique journey of joining our staff, starting with Jenny in 2014.


Jenny met David on a night out at the M&M club, where David bartended and Eagan’s staff frequented. David made an impression behind the bar– managing the loud and boisterous crowd while giving attentive service to each patron. He was known for his strong personality and quick wit– he still is to this day. After the M&M, David came to Eagan’s in 2001. Because so many staff from Eagan’s would frequent the M&M, it was an easy transaction to get David in the door.  David joined the staff in the second half of Eagan’s reign, and Jenny was already working primarily at the Deli.

Waterfront Deli

During this time, Bill had left Eagan’s to help start Mo’s Market and establish the retail wine at the Waterfront Deli. Despite years in the industry and plenty of mutual acquaintances, Bill and David had not yet met each other. A couple of months into David’s time at Eagan’s, Bill returned to his old position as Bar Manager and the dynamic duo began. David and Bill worked together as if they had been doing it for years.

David quickly became known for running the Sunday brunches– the prime event of Eagan’s week. Dave noticed the flow of the brunch was off. Desserts were by salmon, the whole thing was a bit directionless. David rearranged the whole layout– and people loved it. Dave became the “brunch manager,” and the event soon was called Dave’s All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Brunch Extravaganza.

Main Bar at Eagan’s
Raw Bar/ Sunday Brunch at Eagan’s

Meanwhile, Carrie and Jenny worked together at the Waterfront Deli, occasionally collaborating with David and Bill for catering events. The four of them collaborated off and on for events in both the Deli and Eagan’s. Carrie had a quick stint serving at Eagan’s before she left on a new adventure to teach English in Korea.

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David and Bill at Hudson
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David and Bill at Eagan’s

David was Jenny’s go to bartender for catering large parties and get-togethers on private yachts. David with his proclivity for drama, entertained and kept drinks full as Jenny and her crew worked behind the scenes crafting their sought after charcuteries, appetizers, and entrees for the event. After many events together (including a few disasters– think David falling off a pier) they developed a report that allowed them to collaborate, work in synch and make each event extra special — a relationship they continued to maintain at the Hudson.

Once Jenny was in the door at Hudson, it took several attempts for her to convince David to join the team. There was a great need for a bar manager. David joined our team a year or so later. When Carrie returned from Korea she was looking for work and Jenny brought her on in Spring of 2016. It wasn’t until 2018 when Bill joined our team. Knowing almost all the staff, a frequent customer and visitor, Bill was a natural fit at Hudson. Alongside the rest of our staff, these four bring their years of expertise and friendship to Hudson every day, and we’re so grateful!

When we say Hudson is family, we mean it! Our staff has had years of collaboration, even before Hudson was born. We hope you join us soon to enjoy our wonderful food, cocktails and service. It would be a pleasure to introduce you to our family!